Windshield Replacement

windshield replacementMany drivers continue to drive their vehicle even if it has a crack or chip in it. This is because they have busy lives and a windshield replacement takes away from an already busy schedule. Flemingsburg Auto Glass makes it easy to replace your windshield.

We offer free mobile estimates so we can come to you whenever you need us. Not only that, but we also offer mobile auto glass services, meaning that we can replace your windshield at the convenience of your home or office. We guarantee our work and our certified auto glass technicians can ensure that your windshield replacement is done with your safety as top priority.

Windshield Replacement For Cracks

When your windshield has a crack, then not only does it take away from the aesthetic quality of your vehicle but it is also a safety concern.It impedes your ability to see the road. Furthermore, your windshield is one of the primary safety features of your car. It plats a major role in the structural support of your vehicle, keeping you safe in an accident. It prevents you from being crushed in a roll over or ejected from the car in a front end collision. Additionally, it plays a major role in the deployment of your air bag.

windshield replacement serviceA cracked windshield requires the same attentiveness and effort that you would give to other damaged areas of your car. It needs to be repaired immediately when there is a crack or chip on it. This will restore your car’s ability to keep you safe.

It is important to note that even if the damage to your glass is repairable, chips and cracks can spread quickly. This means that if you wait to repair it, it can turn into a replacement faster than you know it. Be sure to contact the professionals at Flemingsburg Auto Glass. We can replace your windshield so that you can be safe of the road once again. For a complete list of services that we offer, click here.

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