Mobile Auto Glass

mobile auto glass repair serviceLet’s face it. Auto glass repair isn’t something that we can always easily schedule. Sometimes you genuinely don’t have the time to have it repaired or replaced when necessary. When your chip or crack qualifies for a repair, putting it off can actually cause it to spread. When this happens, it typically calls for a replacement. Replacement of a windshield costs quite a bit more. Therefore, it is easier and less costly to repair it right away instead of putting it off. For drivers who have a packed schedule, Flemingsburg Auto Glass offers mobile auto glass repair services. This type of service offers many advantages.

How Chips Spread Quickly

Like many, you spend more time in your car than you might want to admit. You drive to work. You drive your kids to school and extracurricular activities. Errands need to be ran, etc. With all the hustle and bustle of life, you may not have the time to go into an auto glass shop. When it comes to that chip on your windshield, a chip can quickly spread into a crack due to something as simple as temperature changes, a bumpy road, or even the slamming of one of your car doors. This can make the difference between a repair and a replacement. A chip quickly forms into a crack. Once a sizable crack is formed, you will need a replacement. As mentioned before, replacements are more expensive and time consuming.


Advantages Of Mobile Auto Glass Repair Services

Save Time

windshield replacement in parking lot and mobile servicesInstead of taking time off work to have your auto glass repaired, our professionals can come to you. A mobile service means that you won’t have to take the time out of your busy day. You can keep working at the office or have your car window repaired at home. It doesn’t matter, we come wherever you are. You can have your auto glass repair or replaced with no interruptions.

Save Money

Whether you drive a privately owned car, a construction vehicle, or any type of heavy machinery, a mobile auto glass repair service is ideal. We can come to a construction site and get your vehicle back in working order in no time. This is great option because when a construction vehicle is out of commission, you’re not as productive or making money.

Stay Safe

Mobile services are also great for those who drive RV’s and big rigs. The auto glass in these vehicles are extremely important because they greatly the safety of all of the occupants on the road. Safety is primarily determined by a clear field of vision that cannot have a chip or crack on it. A mobile service allows you to get these large vehicles on the road quickly and safely.

Flemingsburg Auto Glass offers mobile services for all types of vehicles within 50 miles of Allentown, PA. We cover the entire Lehigh Valley. Call us today for a free estimate. For a list of all of the services that we offer, click here.

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