Auto Glass Repair

Is Cheap Windshield Repair The Way To Go?

Auto Glass RepairYour safety and your passenger’s safety completely depends on how well your windshield is either repaired or replaced. It needs to meet Federal Safety Standards in order for it to be considered safe to drive. The standards set forth by National Glass Association ensure that your safety is met by the auto glass technician that does the work. They must pass a process of rigorous training, testing, and certification. Only then are they knowledgeable in the auto glass industry. Many auto glass shops claim that they hire NGA certified technicians. However, the shop needs to be recognized for this. Also, make sure that you only use a shop that employs certified technicians.

What To Look For In An Auto Glass Shop

In addition, a reputable auto glass shop will not offer you a windshield repair or replacement for an extraordinarily low price. When someone quotes you $20 for a windshield repair, then keep looking. They might be able to do the job for that amount. However, they are cutting corners somewhere else. They may be using cheap adhesives. They might be using cheap, imported glass. Regardless, somewhere they are able to reduce the price by using cheap materials. You don’t want to work with an auto glass shop that uses cheap materials. High quality urethane passes crash test criteria. This means that it has the ability to keep you safe in an accident. Also, you should only hire a shop that uses OEM glass.

Many of us are tempted to use the services of the discount auto glass repair guys that approach us at the gas station or who go door to door. It is convenient. However, did you know that these guys receive, at most, about an hour of training before they knock on your door or approach you at the gas station? This means that they have no idea what the Federal Safety Standards are or what the National Glass Association requirements are. They see windshield damage as a cosmetic issue as opposed to a safety issue. You want to work with someone who knows the difference.

How A Windshield Protects You

Did you know that your windshield does a lot more than keep the wind out of your hair? It is a primary safety feature of your car. It preserves the structural integrity of your vehicle in a rollover crash. This means that if you are in a rollover accident, you can thank your windshield that your roof didn’t cave in and crush you. Likewise, when you are in a head-on collision, you can thank your windshield because you weren’t ejected out of your car. Additionally, you can thank your windshield for allowing your airbags to deploy properly. Without your windshield, your airbags would not be able to do their job. Also, on a lighter note, you can thank your windshield for keeping your hair intact after you styled it and for keeping you nice and dry when it is raining out.


So, when you are looking for cheap windshield repair or replacement, make sure that the auto glass shop uses certified technicians and high quality materials. You want a shop that has experts who have the knowledge to understand that your windshield is a safety feature and not just something that keeps you protected from the elements. You may have to pay higher prices for higher quality work, but you will be glad you did it.