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Fun Facts About Windshields & Auto Glass

windshield replacement near meMost drivers will admit that they don’t give their auto glass, including their windshields, too much thought. This is even more so when there isn’t any damage on it. In fact, many see their windshield as a piece of glass that prevents rain, snow, and other elements from getting into the car. However, your windshield is responsible for a lot more than keeping you comfortable.

While, from a superficial level, it may seem that your windshield only keeps you warm and dry from the outdoor elements, it actually has an important purpose. It is actually one of the primary safety features of your car. For this reason, when you have a chip or crack in it, you should repair it right away. Those who neglect their damaged auto glass are actually putting themselves in harm’s way.

When you replace your windshield when it needs it, you will gain many benefits. Yes, in fact, it does protect you from the outdoor elements so that you can have a better field of vision while driving. It also allows you to stay comfortable if it is hot or cold out. More importantly, it maintains the structural integrity of your vehicle. This means that if you are in a rollover accident, your windshield prevents the roof from caving in. By default, your roof won’t crush you. Also, if you are in a head-on collision, your windshield acts as a barrier so that you are not ejected out of the car. Furthermore, your windshield protects you by making sure that your airbags deploy properly.

Your windshield has to be in good condition for it to serve its purpose. Any chips, cracks need to be addressed right away. A compromised windshield doesn’t have the strength to endure a high level of impact. This means it won’t protect you the way that it should.

In this article, we will discuss some fun facts about windshields that drivers may not know about.

Did You Know That Your Windshield Is Laminated?

In the movies, they make it seem like it is possible to punch a windshield so that it shatters into small fragments. However, this is just a special effect that they use. In fact, if you were to punch your windshield, it won’t break. This is because a windshield is meant to be able to take on a high amount of impact. It is made up of two pieces of glass with a flexible membrane in between them. This membrane serves the purpose of holding these two panes of glass together when there is impact or if the glass were to break. This is why your windshield is such an important feature of your car.

Your Auto Glass Is Tempered Glass For A Reason

shattered tempered glassAlthough your windshield is made from laminated glass, the rest of your car probably has tempered glass. This is for a reason. This type of glass is exposed to high heat and then it is cooled down rapidly. This means that it is stronger by when it does break, it shatters into tiny fragments that are about the size of rock salt. Although, yes, these small pieces can cut your skin, they will not break into large shards of glass that can cut a major artery. Also, if you are in an accident and the rescue personnel needs to get you out, they can easily break the glass with a glass punch to get you out if you are trapped.

Photochromic Eye Wear Is Not Effective While Driving

The glass is your vehicle has a coating on it that serves as a filtration for dangerous UV rays. Without this filtering, the interior of your car would fade form the sun. It also is better for your skin and eyes. However, many people these days use photochromic lenses. This means that they appear like regular glasses indoors and, out in the sun, they turn into sunglasses. Since your windshield has a UV coating on it, these types of glasses will not turn into sunglasses even if it is bright and sunny outdoors.

Repairing Your Windshield Is An Option

windshield repairIf a rock hits your windshield, usually, the outer surface is damaged. When this happens, the driver has the option to get it repaired. However, they have to get it repaired right away. A chip or small crack can turn into a major issue quickly. Then, it will require a replacement which is more costly and time consuming.

Technological Windshield Are Closer Than You Think

Unless you have a state of the art vehicle, you ay not notice that high tech windshields are currently being installed in vehicles. Some have a night-vision camera. Manufacturers, such as Mercedes-Benz is currently working on manufacturing an interactive windshield. They will respond to gestures and voice commands.